Besides composing and producing music, Bjørn also lectures in sound design, electronic music production and live performance.

Bjørn lectures in various institutions in Denmark such as the Sonic College, (Syddansk Musikkonservatorium og skuespillerskole) and at the Royal Academy of music, (Det Jyske Musikkonservatorium) and has masterclass at DJBFA is the largest association for Composers and Songwriters in Denmark

Bjørns lectures are usually conducted via Ableton Live.

Bjørn lectures in subjects and issues such as Step sequencing, FM synthesis, Subtractive synthesis Syntractive synthesis, Physical Modelling, Sampling, Midi composition and Midi effects. These subjects are all taught in such a way as to allow the for both creativity and provide hands on experience for the student.

Lectures and classes are given on both an individual or group basis. Bjørn also gives speaks about music you can request at